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The first step after getting engaged is to start your wedding planning process.

This can be both exciting and daunting for couples. However, you don’t have to plan everything at once. Pick the three most important things to you on your wedding day and go from there. A survey conducted by The Knot stated that one of the top three most important decisions for couples was their venue. While there are tons of venues to choose from, consider the advantages of a combined ceremony and reception venue! 


Couple cutting their cake and smiling


Saving money is important while wedding planning because let’s face it – weddings are expensive. Luckily, finding the perfect venue doesn’t have to break your budget. Having a combined ceremony and reception location can be a life saver! Transportation costs are nonexistent when guests can easily walk from the ceremony to the reception space. Additionally, when you party in one place you can save some extra money on décor, vendors, and the venue rental space. 



Quaking Aspen Amphitheater full of guests seated for a wedding


Out-of-town guests will be relieved knowing they don’t need to figure out transportation if your ceremony and reception coexist. The dual-use of Quaking Aspen and Warren Station allows your guests to stay in one location. Encourage your guests to make a weekend out of their trip. Warren Station partners with some of the top lodging companies in Summit County. Your guests can conveniently stay at properties just steps from our venue! Throughout the weekend, guests can roam River Run Village and explore the unique shops. They can also sip on local brews while enjoying live music! When you emphasize convenience, you can expect a higher guest attendance at your wedding. 



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The timeline for your wedding is narrowed down to the smallest detail. While you might be able to estimate the time it takes to travel from ceremony to reception, you cannot guarantee timing accuracy. When you choose a dual ceremony and reception venue, you can be assured that your day will flow smoothly. The event transitions will be effortless because there will not be any logistical factors. Additionally, having your wedding at the same location means you can re-use your décor! Your coordinator can quickly and easily move decorations from your ceremony to reception while your guests enjoy a cocktail. Having a wedding in Colorado means you can experience four seasons in one day. Warren Station always offers a plan B in case of inclement weather. Our skilled team can easily transition your ceremony from Quaking Aspen Amphitheater to our ballroom! Choosing the same venue for your wedding festivities means you can be at ease on your wedding day.


Warren Station ballroom set for a receptionWHY WARREN STATION? 

These are just a few advantages to a dual ceremony and reception venue. When you book with Warren Station, you don’t have to decide between event spaces. We also work with a wide range of local vendors to ensure your day is executed smoothly. Our team will be by your side from your first site visit, right up to the end of your event! Our venue includes conveniently located parking, and handicap accessibility to both ceremony and reception spaces, reception tables, chairs, dancefloor, a beautiful patio, and a spacious indoor ballroom to accommodate your guests comfortably! Contact us today to inquire about a site visit and learn more about holding your ceremony and reception at Warren Station! 

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