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What is your greatest wedding nightmare? The caterer doesn’t arrive, your coordinator is lackluster at her job? How about the one where everything goes perfect. . .   until the DJ starts, and your guests leave because of it. Don’t let that be your reality.  Here are a few of our favorite Summit County wedding DJ’s to make sure your wedding is bumping from start to finish.

Hampton Entertainment-

These ladies offer all of the entertainment- photo booth, lighting and of course, DJ’ing.  As we referenced in our

catering blog we love to support our local talent.  The head DJ’s at Hampton Entertainment:

Anna, Courtney, and Felicity are stationed in Breckenridge, Summit County.  Hampton Entertainment offers customizable playlists, right on their website. This feature allows you to be able to listen to song clips and see suggested music you may not think of, as you select the perfect music for them to play.  There is even an option to make dedications to friends and family before your choice of song.  The team also gives suggestions on how to personalize your grand entrance.  As far as DJ’s go, these Colorado wedding DJ’s know how to keep the energy high.  Never with the cheesy songs, they have a grasp on how to read the crowd.  Felicity amps up the party with short games through the night, keeping the guests interacting all night, without compromising the party.


Elite DJ-

Another great Colorado wedding DJ company is Elite DJ.  We have had the pleasure of working with them for multiple weddings. Elite DJ offers a photo booth, event lighting, and decor, as well as DJing services.  When taking

part in a wedding, the reception is not the only thing they manage.  They also have mastered the ceremony scene.  Elite DJ brings their personal sound equipment for ceremony, cocktail hour as well as the reception.  They also bring your list of “must play” songs, not to mention the “don’t think about it” list.  The DJ’s we have had come to the Warren Station Venue is amazing, interactive, and seamless. Their setup is always classy, and the vibe is always right. It is refreshing to be able to recommend solid DJ’s to clients knowing that they will provide top service.  Elite is one of our most suggested companies to go with.

The DJ Syndicate-

As far as wedding DJ’s go, The DJ Syndicate kills it.  The team know how to get the party jumping, and

keep them dancing until the end.  There is not a moment The DJ Syndicate doesn’t have a crowd on the dance floor.  A group of skilled disk jockeys make up this company and are the true definition of a disk jockey.  We had the pleasure of working with Aaron James.  He is professional and personable.  His skilled music selections had the entire venue in motion.  The DJ Syndicate guarantees that they have a library of tunes that fits your needs.  Their service ranges from $1,200.00- $2,000.00 depending on your needs.  The DJ Syndicate also offers discount codes and sale pricing that they share with you via email/text.  The DJ Syndicate brings their own professional equipment, EMCEE’s, liability insurance, interactive music requests and that’s just the start of what they offer.


Overall, we get constant first-hand vendor experience as a wedding venue.  We have witnessed the DJ’s who bring their A-game and really make the reception one to be remembered.  These aforementioned vendors really are worth the call.

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