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DIY: Wedding Decorations For Less

DIY: Wedding Decorations for Less

DIY wedding decorations make your wedding unique to who you are. It’s natural to get caught up in the stress of planning, and it is important to realize that Target isn’t the only option for wedding decorations. We are here to remind you that planning a wedding can be enjoyable and creative! There are many simple DIYs to create distinctive wedding decorations. Even better, these projects can be inexpensive as well.


DIY Rose: Wedding Decoration

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These rose centerpieces are wedding decorations that can be created out of your favorite books. Additionally, consider using recycled paper! These are unique, crafty, and easy to create. They also make a great keepsake for your guests. This DIY wedding decoration ultimately only requires a few things: scissors, glue and some paper. Bonus points for using you and your partners’s favorite classics, or a local newspaper.  Click this link for the quick how-to.

DIY: Guest Books


Warren Station Couple Taking Their First Run

Guest books are another way to save on wedding decorations, because of the many inventive options to display the love from your wedding guests.

Traditional guest books easily get hidden away on book shelves, only to be dusted off every few years. Why not turn your guest book into art? Warren Station is a mountain venue. Therefore, most weddings have mountain themes. Snowboarding/skiing guest books have become a trendy guest book option. Grab a set of skis or a white snowboard and place it in the lobby of your venue with  some sharpies. Guests get to express their love on a unique piece of art that you can display in your house.

DIY: Wedding Party Gifts

Wedding DIY decorations

Handmade Hair Comb

Custom hair combs are cheap, unique, and bridesmaids love them! This is one of our favorite DIY wedding suggestions because these wedding decorations double as a wedding favor.  All you need is plain black, brown, or blonde hair combs, fake (or real) flowers, and some hot glue! Scroll to the bottom of the instructions, you’ll find easy links to everything you need.

Don’t think wedding gifts are just for the ladies! Fellas, check out this customizable thank you for your groomsmen.

DIY Bouquet

Custom Bouquet at Warren Station

DIY: Flowers

When it comes to wedding decorations, flowers are of upmost importance. Unfortunately, they can also be terribly expensive. Therefore, Here is our favorite shortcut to beautiful bouquets that won’t break the bank. Buy the flowers at City Market or your local grocery store and DIY your favorite seasonal sprigs into a unique bouquet. Finally, men You can create DIY boutonnieres as well, to create matching floral arrangements!

Love these ideas? Check out our DIY Board on Pinterest for more creative wedding touches, or go a step further, and upload your own pins of past DIY wedding decorations to be featured!

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