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Awesome bands will light up the Station on Saturday nights – a great place to see live music nestled on the Snake River at the base of Keystone Mountain.

MOJOMAMA from Longmont Colorado is a band that should be on top of the jam charts. Mojomama combines Old School Rhythm and Blues and Funk influences from Aretha Franklin to Susan Tedeschi to Steely Dan leaving you with a new yet familiar sound. Jessica Rogalski sings from her soul all night long. She has a beautiful and powerful voice mixing Tedeschi with Donna Summer. The band behind Jessica’s voice is tight and explosive with their tight rhythms and face-melting guitar work. Bob Murnahan will blow your mind with his amazing solos and just a bottomless pit of musical ideas. Paul Rogalski throws down some wicked bass lines and tasty melodic solos with some strong slappin’ of da’ bass. Colin Brown on the Drums brings a fresh beat to the band. Every MOJOMAMA performance excites the crowd with its hip-shaking grooves and undeniable melodies filling your head and making you want more.


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