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Local Brews & Bites: Farm-to-Tap Takeover

Get ready to dive into the heart of local flavors and community vibes at Warren Station on February 2nd. We’re bringing you the Farm-to-Tap Takeover, where the spotlight is on special brews from Steep Brewing Co. and delectable pairings by Graze & Torreys. This event marks the beginning of our High-Country Hootenanny weekend, promising a laid-back atmosphere filled with homegrown brews, delightful bites, and tunes from the local band, Moonstone Quill. It’s an evening you won’t want to miss as we celebrate everything that makes our community special.

We interviewed the brewers from Steep Brewing Co., Levi and Mike, to get the inside scoop on this evening’s special brew! 
How does the vibe and lifestyle of our local community shape the way you brew at Steep, and in what ways can attendees taste those influences in the evening’s special beer? 

“Keystone is a vibrant and eclectic place where people come from all over the country and the world to enjoy the winter paradise that it is. We try to create a wide variety of beer styles to appeal to that customer base and frequently combine our love for cooking with our love for beer, incorporating different and exciting ingredients wherever we can. The evening’s beer is influenced by southern and southeastern Asian cuisine, as well as the traditional brewing techniques of Belgium with the inclusion of ginger and turmeric in a saison style beer. Since ginger acts as a palate cleanser, we are hoping our guests will be able to enjoy the unique flavors of our special brew in between each course to let the flavors of the dishes shine through with the beers we’ve selected to go along with them.”

For those attending the event, what flavors or notes might they pick up in the exclusive brew? Are there specific elements that connect back to our local character or surroundings? 

“This beer will feature notes of spice and light fruitiness from the saison yeast along with black pepper and ginger from the spice additions to complement the rustic backbone that makes the saison style so unique. We use Colorado grown malts from Proximity Malt located in Monte Vista who have been a wonderful partner in providing us with high quality, locally sourced ingredients. We strive to use as many local ingredients as possible and partner with local charities and organizations to give back to our community. ”

Brewing isn’t only about the end result; it’s also about the experience. Do you have any interesting or funny stories from crafting tonight’s unique beer that locals might enjoy hearing about? 

“Both of our brewers love to cook and were extremely excited when we were approached about doing this pairing. Working with Chef Alyssa and her skill set has been eye opening in coming up with unique and fun flavor profiles to pair with our beers. We can’t wait to taste the delicious dishes she has come up!”



Chef Alyssa from Graze & Torreys, took time from her busy season to answer a few questions!
This year’s “Farm-to-Tap” event emphasizes the connection between local breweries and chefs. How did the collaboration with Steep Brewing Co. come about, and how did it influence the menu planning for this special dinner?

“I did a beer pairing at Warren station last summer and it went really well.  I met with the folks at Steep Brewing to discuss their beers.  They gave me descriptions of the beers that they had on rotation and we worked together to match flavor profiles.  My menus are always influenced by the seasonality of the ingredients.  With this in mind, they even came up with a totally new beer to feature for this pairing!  Very excited to debut it all.  ”

Local sourcing often involves unique and seasonal ingredients. Can you highlight any surprising or lesser-known local ingredients that diners might encounter in tonight’s dishes?

“I am going to source the mushrooms and bread locally.  Kalera greens will provide our leafy varieties and Peak micro greens will provide out micros and mushrooms.  We will also source the sour dough from Amaza Bread in Eagle Colorado.”

Incorporating beer into a dining experience adds another layer of complexity and flavor. Can you share your philosophy behind pairing local brews with your dishes, and any tips for those looking to experiment with beer pairings at home?

I look for flavor profiles to draw inspiration from. The depth and heaviness of the beer’s flavors determine where they will be placed in the pairing.  For example, the coffee/chile rubbed bison short ribs will play off of the earthy unctuous notes of the coffee-coconut porter!


As the Farm-to-Tap Takeover on February 2nd approaches, Chef Alyssa’s locally inspired menu and Steep Brewing Co.’s exclusive brews are set to create a tasty evening. The collaboration promises a harmonious blend of flavors, highlighting the close connections within our local community. Accompanied by bluegrass tunes of local band Moonstone Quill, this event is celebration of high country cuisine and culture!

Don’t miss out on a night filled with local delights, where each sip, bite, and beat will truly highlight our amazing community!  


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