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What screams summertime more than a crafted cocktail out of the finest Colorado’s spirits?

Summer is well on its way, and what better way to kick it off than finding your new favorite sippin’ drinks. Therefore, here is a new local spirits package Warren Station is offering, that will have you greeting the sunshine with open arms.

Breckenridge Classic Vodka:

Favorite Local Spirit Cocktail
Breckenridge Flutterby Potion:                   
2oz Breckenridge Vodka
1-1/2oz butterfly pea flower/Himalayan sea salt syrup
1-1/2oz fresh lemon juice
Garnish: edible butterfly

The newest vodka is provided by Breckenridge Distillery, also known as The World’s Highest Distillery. Founded in 2008, its first vodka released in 2011 with a crowd favorite Espresso Vodka to follow. Furthermore, the minerality of the Breckenridge water helps to create the perfect mouthfeel for a balanced vodka. Finally, Breckenridge Vodka is as clean and clear as summer days are long, with notes of lemon cream and fragrant meadow flowers leave you wanting more.

Breckenridge Espresso Vodka:

favorite Colorado espresso liquor
Flatliner Martini:   
Breckenridge Espresso Vodka

As previously mentioned, the distillery has created a balanced coffee-y flavored vodka. They found just the right coffee beans to mix with Breck water resulting in perfection. This espresso vodka is perfect for a bachelorette party, brunch with your friends, or a night of games. A vodka with this perfect coffee balance is an ideal sipping beverage. It also makes a flawless cocktail base. As a result of this well-balanced recipe, we suggest using this local spirit in a Flat-liner Martini, or a White Russian.


Family Jones Juniper Gin, Denver:

Delicious Gin Drink
French Pearl:
2 oz Juniper Jones
.75 oz lime juice
.75 oz simple syrup
.25 oz absinthe
4 mint leaves (+1 for garnish)

As of today, there is not a gin more refreshing than Family Jones Juniper Gin. This gin is “the perfect New World western-style gin while maintaining a refined Juniper backbone.” Its base is made from 100% winter wheat. Moreover, this gin is made from two separate distillation processes before being blended. The first distillation includes juniper giving it a strong base flavor, while the second blend consists of coriander, lemongrass, cucumber, and cacao nib. This combination of ingredients creates a delicate blend of flavor. This Colorado spirit is a perfect partner for your favorite cocktails. Not to mention, it mixes beautifully with a high-quality tonic.

Montanya Platino Rum, Crested Butte:

Local Gin Based Cocktail
Hemingway Daiquiri:
½ squeezed lime
¾ oz Leopold Brother’s Maraschino Liqueur
¾ oz Grapefruit
¼ oz Simple Syrup
1.75 oz Montanya Platino rum

Female founded, female-owned. This rum will have you saying, “Honey I’m home”. Some of the tasting notes in this white rum are biscotti, cream soda, and vanilla. Just a touch of wild Colorado honey brings out the natural flavors of the sugar cane used in the process of making this rum. Montanya Platino Rum is aged for a year in American White Oak Barrels that held the company’s Colorado Whiskey previously. Understandably this rum has been awarded 9 gold medals, as well as “Best White Rum” at the World Rum Awards. Because of this, Montanya Platino Rum is a great base for any favorite rum summertime cocktail.

Corazon Reposado Tequila, Jalisco:

Colorado Tequila Option
Cadillac Margarita: 
Optional for glass rim: salt
1 1/2 ounces premium reposado tequila
1 ounce Grand Marnier orange liqueur
3/4 ounce fresh lime juice

Okay, our tequila isn’t from Colorado, but good tequila is a must-have at any event. Corazon Reposado has fresh aromas of thyme grass, and more importantly agave nectar. In addition to these vibrant scents, the earthy tasting tones round out the balanced palate of this spirit. The support of soft vanilla, almond, and herb flavors on the background, finish out the robust taste of this reposado. Is there a better way to kick off summer than a nice cold margarita made with this 6-month barrel-aged tequila?

Tin Cup American Whiskey, Denver:

Local Whiskey Spirit
Tincup Buck
1.5 oz Tincup American Whiskey
Dash of bitters
Top with Ginger Ale
Garnish: lemon twist

Is it even a party if whiskey isn’t invited? In particular, Tin Cup American Whiskey. This whiskey is one of the crowd’s favorites, so why not make it the special guest? This whiskey is aged for four years in #3 charred oak barrels. The balanced notes of caramel and citrus make for sweetness, which lingers long after you taste it, this whiskey is always a crowd-pleaser. As the founder Jess Graber said, “Life is too short to drink bad whiskey.” Bonus points: it includes a shot glass as the lid.

Overall, this new Colorado spirits package is an excellent way to find new local favorites. Join us at any of our upcoming events to find which spirit is your new go-to. Can’t wait for summer? Check out Locals Liquor Store in Silverthorne to sample most of this selection.


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