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Guess what! We’re back!

An international pandemic certainly changes day-to-day life, and Warren Station is no exception. After a short hiatus, Warren Station events are back, and with a few changes! We present to you our “How-To” guide of what to expect at Warren Station events during COVID-19 this winter and how to navigate the changes to venue policies and procedures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Plan Ahead

Warren Station is enforcing strict restrictions on the number of guests allowed in our venue at a time, leading to a low number of available tickets per event. Purchase your tickets as early as possible to avoid the bummer of a sold-out show. Sold out means sold out; our tickets are set at a hard limit to make sure we provide our guests with a safe environment, and to abide by state and local guidelines during the pandemic.

2. Purchase Tickets for Everyone in Your Party Together

guests sit at tables spread 12 feet apart at a comedy show during COVID-19 at warren station

Next, think of purchasing tickets as a restaurant reservation; you wouldn’t show up to a restaurant with different reservations and expect to sit together. Warren Station is operating the same way. To abide by social distancing guidelines, tickets purchased by different parties will be assigned their own tables and NOT allowed to move furniture or sit together. If you plan on attending an event with other people (or even just one other person), purchase your tickets all under the same Eventbrite order to be assigned to the same table.

If for some reason your friends purchased tickets under a different order number, reach out to us at least a week in advance so we can seat your parties together. Floor plans cannot be adjusted after this amount of time. If you and your friends purchase separate tickets the day before an event, you’ll just have to gaze at each other longingly (and safely) across the ballroom.

3. Wear a Proper Face Covering and Wear it Correctly!

Comedian Phil Palisoul talks to warren station staff about COVID-19 guidelines while wearing a mask

Masks are now a part of every-day life and wearing a mask is required at Warren Station during COVID-19. All guests and staff will wear a proper face covering (no lace, tulle, or crochet masks, please!) over their nose and mouth any time they are inside the venue. Guests may remove their masks if and only if they are BOTH: 1- seated at their assigned table AND 2- actively eating or drinking. Our bar is open and serving canned drinks (no pours = fewer germs) along with snacks for guests to enjoy during events. Again, think of current restaurant operation guidelines and follow those when inside the venue. If you need a breath of fresh air during an event, our smoking patio is always open!

4. Follow the One-Directional Traffic Flow

Have you ever wanted to experience life as a train, or maybe a NASCAR driver? With our one-directional venue flow, you’ll get to experience the joys of walking circles in the same direction all evening! All jokes aside, the venue floor is marked with arrows to help remind you which way to walk. Here’s a preview of the clockwise circle you’ll walk any time you go to the bathroom, bar, or smoking patio.

a map of Warren Station shows clockwise arrows from the ballroom to the pre-function area

5. Follow Warren Station’s Commitment to Safety to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Lastly, Warren Station is asking all guests to follow our commitment to safety to make sure our venue continues to be a clean, safe, and welcoming space for all guests. Our staff and guests will:

  • Maintain six feet of physical distance from other individuals and parties
  • Wash their hands often and for at least 20 seconds
  • Cover their faces in public
  • Stay home if they are sick
  • Get tested immediately if they have COVID-19 symptoms

If you are feeling unwell and decide not to attend an event, please reach out to our staff at least two hours before doors open to cancel your order. Orders canceled less than two hours before doors open will not be refunded.

Additionally, our staff are committed to keeping Warren Station clean. We will be operating fans for proper ventilation, regularly wiping down all high-touch surfaces, and cleaning the venue in-between events. For more details about Warren Station’s commitment to safety, click here.

Thank you for reading our “How-To” guide of what to expect at Warren Station events during COVID-19. All in all, we can’t wait to see you back at Warren Station with a ticket, mask, and smile!

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