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How To B.L.A.M at Warren Station Center for the Arts!

BLAM in the Mountains

Tips to Get the Most of Your B.L.A.M (BEER + LOCAL ART + MUSIC)! Experience!

Spice up your post Fourth of July Weekend with Warren Station’s popular event, B.L.A.M! (Beer, Local Art, Music).

This bi-annual event is the perfect way to relax, and support local artists and music. Beer specials from the Warren Station Bar will be rolling all evening, and Banshee Tree (a local bluegrass fusion band) will headline the show and will be playing a set you won’t want to miss.)

Here are some tips so you can get the most out of the event:

  1. Get familiar with the artists and bring a little spending cash. The event is only $5 to enter, so bring a couple extra dollars to support the local artists who have worked hard to get ready for this exhibition. Whether you are buying for yourself or a friend/loved one, there will be loads of great opportunity’s to purchase local and unique pieces.
  2. Check out some of the webpages for the very talented local artists who will be displaying and selling their art. Artists include: Hannah Chavez, Alicia Dolbashian, Brandi Violetta, Joshua Doolittle, Jerrad Santmyer, Mauricio Meneses, Phil Munoz, Erica Nicol, Hayley Steiner, David Sockrider, Dustyn Bustos, Old Gold Vintage, Christian Tai, Katherine Pickens, and more!
  3. Arrive early and grab a spot on the patio. Warren Station has a beautiful view of the Snake River, and you can bring you drink from the bar out to the patio. It’s a perfect spot to relax, listen to music, and catch up with friends.
  4. Grab some food before (or after) at any of the fantastic establishments in River Run. No matter what you’re in the mood for, River Run has you covered with Montezuma Roadhouse, 9280 Tap House, Pizza on the Run, Kickapoo Tavern, Luigi’s Pasta House, Inxpot, or the Spoon Café.
  5. Bring the whole family! B.L.A.M! is a kid friendly event, and the whole family can enjoy the live music, sunshine, and art.
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