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Keystone Concerts return!

Many have had the misfortune of being born later than the peak era of the original iconic musicians. With The Grateful Dead’s final tour this summer, Neil Young suddenly talking about retirement, and Bob Dylan working on his “Never-Ending Tour”, you may feel like you’ve missed the window for sublime music.

Do not put your tie die away yet! Come and see three amazing bands at Warren Station! DeadPhish Orchestra, Split Window, and Rolling Harvest are rambling their way to Keystone this winter.  

1. Keystone Concert: DeadPhish Orchestra

Our first Keystone Concert is on December 17th and DPO will be music to your ears, Sorry Josef Gingold fans, DeadPhish Orchestra is not your typical orchestra. DeadPhish Orchestra seamlessly weaves Phish jams into the familiar grooves of The Grateful Dead. This local Colorado quartet are close friends who have played music together for many years. They have played Grateful Dead songs together, and they have played Phish songs together. Then, they decided to combine the Granddaddies and Daddies of the jam band scene.

While these two artists have surface similarities, most fans realize their musical styles vary. The Grateful Dead is an earthy, folky, bluesy band, and Phish is sharper around the edges–funky and bold. But both bands have an improvisational approach to their live shows, and it is in that spontaneity where the magic happens. The guys in DPO have challenged themselves by merging the two styles. Check out this Spotify playlist filled with Grateful Dead and Phish tunes to get amped for this concert.

Can’t wait for the concert to see how DeadPhish makes their magic? Here is a taste.

2. Keystone Concerts: Mike Woodard & Split Window

Need more music in your life? Our New Year’s Celebration will be jammin’ with music by Split Window from South Park! Split Window is one of our favorite funk bands to have in Keystone. This ensemble will keep you dancing until the countdown to the 2023 New Year. The opening musician for this awesome act is Mike Woodard (who also performs with Split Window). Dress in your finest pattern-clashing outfits, and grab your beads, this New Orleans-inspired inspired party is guaranteed to bring in 2023 on the best note.

3. Keystone Concert: Rolling Harvest

Finally, on January 7th, Rolling Harvest brings you the perfect mix of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. This tribute band adds a Colorado sound to the works of Dylan and Young, creating new renditions of classic songs. By playing the songbooks of two of the most iconic singer-songwriters of all time, attendees cannot help but sing along to these Americana classics. Rolling Harvest makes it easy for anyone to feed off the stage energy.

This tribute band is eight members big, but no more than seven take the stage at a time. The talented Colorado artists have been selected from pre-existing local bands, creating a balanced sound that would make Young and Dylan proud. The band’s sound is inspired mainly by Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour and Neil Young’s LP, Harvest. However, no songs are off-limits. Check out their sound here.

Here’s a playlist full of Bob Dylan and Neil Young (covers, because Spotify) to get excited for Warren Station’s kick-off concert of the 2023 season.


This is just the beginning! There are more Keystone Concerts to come this winter and spring seasons. Keep checking our website to see new acts coming to Keystone. You can also click to subscribe and stay up to date on the haps! 

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