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It’s no secret that practicing yoga can help boost your mood, promote a healthy lifestyle, and even expand your creativity. Oftentimes, yoga and art can go hand in hand! Warren Station is kicking off the new year with Art and Asana, a brand-new Warren Station event combining yoga, crafts, and mindfulness. 

Harness the power of a great yoga practice that inspires a piece of art to hang up at home and remind you of your own power!

Check out our guide to manifesting your 2023 at this yoga and craft event. First, learn what the event is about. Then, learn how to prepare for the event. Lastly, learn what “asana” and other words mean in the Art and Asana Dictionary guide. 

a vision board collage with words "build your own life" "teach yoga" "practice patience"
Create your own vision board at Art & Asana! All craft supplies included.

What is Art and Asana? 

 Art (vision board / collage) + Asana (sanskrit word for yoga posture) = Art & Asana! 

The event begins with a centering yoga practice to help guests find focus and think about life goals. Then, the yoga instructor will move into craft instruction, starting with a journaling exercise and then explaining the options for different types of vision boards. Not normally the crafty type? That’s totally okay, read on to see if this event is a fit for you!

Who is this event for? 

a collage of magazine pictures includes a ski lift hovering over a farm with a moon
You don’t HAVE to make a vision board… get creative and make any collage you like!
  • If you love manifestation and are ready to create your ultimate 2023 vision board, this is the event for you! 
  • If you are interested in yoga and like craft projects, this event is also for you! 
  • If you are looking to meet like-minded people, move your body, and create something in a positive environment, this event is for you! 
  • If you don’t usually craft but this sounds interesting and fun and you don’t have plans that night, this event is for you too! 

Not feeling ready to dive into the deep end of vision boarding? That’s okay too! There will be plenty of inspiration to kickstart your creativity and get you collaging in no time. Feel free to create a vision board collage or a collage of a skier with a cat’s head making cookies! Overall, the goal of this event is to have a fun experience in Keystone with likeminded folks.

Bonus: Your ticket includes a free beer, wine, or mocktail to enjoy while you craft!

How to get ready for Art and Asana 

Step 1: Buy your ticket in advance! And mark your calendar for January 6th, 2023!

pruple yoga mats rolled up in a crate
Mat, block, and strap are included with entry

Step 2: Look for the pre-event email with a pre-event meditation practice! 

Step 3: Start saving magazine scraps, pretty pieces of paper, and inspiring quotes you might want to bring with you.  

Pro Tip: All collage materials are included with your ticket, but it never hurts to do a little preparation to make this vision board uniquely YOU! 

Step 4: Before you go, invite a friend! Yoga is all about you, but it’s more fun to craft with the crew.

Step 5: Browse the Lolë website in case you win one of the Lolë giftcard raffles at this event!

Bonus: It’s okay, even if you don’t win the gift cards, all guests will receive a coupon for 30% off their purchase at Lolë in River Run Village.

The Art and Asana Dictionary 

yoga instructor holds Malasana

Asana (n.) – in the yogic tradition, Asana is a Sanskrit word meaning “a pose easily held” “Asana” is the root word of most yoga poses. For example, “balasana” is the Sanskrit word for child’s pose, coming from the roots “bal” (child) and “asana” (posture).

Vision Board (n.) – a compilation of images, words, and ideas that convey short and long-term goals, usually intended to inspire and motivate one to reach those goals. Sometimes also referred to as a dream board.  

Collage (n.) – a form of art made from piecing together different materials, usually including paper, photos, and magazine scraps, sometime also including stickers, wood, glitter, tape, fabric, paint, and even biotic materials 

Warren Station (n.) – The performing arts venue in the River Run Village base area of Keystone Resort. Not only is Warren Station one of the top music venues in Summit County, guests can also find comedy nights, movie screenings, wine pairing dinners, whiskey tastings, yoga classes, and more!  

Bonus: About the Instructor 

Erin Bissette is a Tar Heel who moved to Keystone in 2017. She teaches the summer Align in the Pines yoga series and is excited to bring some asana to winter at Keystone Resort. In her spare time, not only does Erin love to read magazines, but she can also be found cutting them up and gluing them together. Erin strives to make yoga accessible and welcoming for all bodies and experience levels and wants to share the joy of yoga with anyone ready to experience it! 

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