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How to Harness Your Inner Funky New Year’s Eve King or Queen

A party is only as fun as the partygoers. Channel your inner funk and break out your most festive and colorful threads. Put on a mask, and pile on the necklaces. Come let go of your inhibitions for a night of tunes and groovin’. The swinging music, the raucous laughter, and the dancing will have this event talked about until next New Year’s Eve. Need some ideas on how to get to your ultimate funky self? Here are some great tips for inspiration to create your funkiest fit. 

Beads: They aren’t just for Mardi Gras 

rows of colorful mardi gras beads ready for New Year's EveWant to keep it simple? We can appreciate that. Research says that beads bring you good luck in the year to come! Break out your past Mardi Gras beads; the more, the better. The purple symbolizes justice, the green represents faith, and the gold signifies power. 

Mix your prints & match your vibes

two girls in funky outfits and mismatched patterns on their way to a new year's eve partyThis just in! Animal print is meant to be mixed and matched with metallics, sequins, and other animal prints. Clashing patterns? Never heard of them. Channel your inner Tiger King and show up in an outfit that will leave everyone speechless.  

Tie Dye and Tie Dyed Neckties

man outside in a rainbow tie dye jacketA classic pick for some funky fun. How much tie dye is too much, you ask? The limit doesn’t exist. Break out a colorful onesie or a dapper tuxedo, and don’t forget the matching necktie. An outfit like this will brighten up any funky party and be a beacon on the dance floor. 

Say yes to the Sequins (but please say no to the glitter) 

group of funky dressed friends posing for a new year's eve picturePut the disco ball to shame. At a funk party like this, the motto is the shinier, the better. Make other guests put on their sunnies to shield your shine. Different sequin types? Don’t worry about it because mismatching is all the rage. Bring in the new year with an outfit as bright as your 2023. 

No matter what route you take, Keystone’s New Year’s Eve celebration is going to be a funkin’ good time

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