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If you’ve seen any classic wedding movies, Father of the Bride perhaps, then you can understand how stressful planning a hometown wedding can be. If you enjoy traveling, then a destination wedding might be the perfect option for you and your partner. Removing yourself from your hometown can ease the planning pains of your wedding. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t have to be a beach scene. We will share three perks of having a mountain destination wedding and tell you how it can not only save you money but be less stressful!


Perk #1 – Make it a weekend to remember

When you have a destination wedding, you will be able to make it a weekend getaway with your closest friends and family. You can plan fun excursions in the surrounding area for everyone to enjoy. Summit County, Colorado has tons of great adventures!

Mountains in Summit County in winter - perks of mountain destination Winter Activities:



Summer Activities:Summit County Mountains in the summer - perks of mountain destination

These are just a fraction of the available activities in Summit County. There are tons more sights to see and mountains to climb. Your family and friends will remember your destination wedding forever!

Perk #2 – Local vendors will make your day special

By hiring local vendors, you know you’ll be in great hands. Local vendors love showing off their community and they’ll ensure that you and your partner have an amazing experience. Here are a few more reasons why working with local vendors will benefit you during the wedding planning process:

    • Local vendors will also have the inside scoop for the best deals, prices, and connections to other local experts.Warren Station Mountain Destination Ballroom
    • You’ll be able to travel with less stuff! When planning a destination wedding, traveling with decorations, desserts/food, and linens will be the last thing you want to do.
    • . Let’s face it – hauling your dress with you is enough as is. It makes things easier when everything you need is already in the town you are traveling to.
    • Local vendors can also educate you and your guests about the area. For instance, a local photographer will know the best times for sunset photos.

Lucky for you, we already have an in-depth selection of local vendors! View our list of vendors that we frequently work with for all weddings and private events. A local-based preferred vendor list will save you the stress of having to meet and vet vendors yourself; we have already done the work for you!

P erk #3 – Cost-Effectiveness

It’s time to squash the debate – destination weddings are less costly! Not to mention you will avoid the whole MINE vs. YOUR hometown debate. If you don’t believe us, look at the following reasons:

    • By picking a wedding venue with tons of natural scenery, you will cut down on greenery and floral costs for your ceremony. Let the organic elements of your chosen venue set the scene for your wedding day.
    • You will cut down on costs by eliminating people from your guest list. Unless are are “Daddy Warbucks,” most guests will need to pay for their own flight and lodging expenses. Often, this leads to some guests backing out of attending the wedding. Although this can be unfortunate, having the ones who care about you and your partner by your side will result in a more intimate experience.
    • By booking a venue with lodging partners, you will be able to save money on lodging expenses! Summit Cove is one of our lodging partners – here’s a short list of what they offer in their wedding gifts program!
    • Discounted Lodging
    • Credit for wedding night lodging
    • Unmatched customer service
    • Custom Wedding website so your guests can book lodging with ease

Check out all their wedding program to see their other advantages!

Planning a destination wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Remember, you aren’t just planning a wedding – you’re starting a life together! Spending time with your closest friends and family makes a destination wedding more special and intimate. Allow yourself to take in the scenery, breathe that fresh mountain air, and make it a long weekend filled with great memories!

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