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When it comes to planning weddings, couples are faced with many small choices that impact the outcome of the event. Tips for your affordable wedding from Warren Station may come in handy.

This can be a stressful process, but it can also be an enjoyable one. As couples make these choices, small things can add up financially and it’s easy to end up over budget. Here are our top tips for keeping your mountain wedding classy and affordable.

Wedding in the mountains at Warren Station
First Dance at Warren Station

Be Mindful of Venue Site Fees and Mandatory Fees-

In the initial search for an affordable mountain wedding, many venues will have an affordable site fee. Upon further examination, you may find hidden fees such as mandatory minimums on alcohol and food, floor plan setup, in-house DJ’s, etc. The list goes on and on. Make sure you understand exactly what the venue provides, and keep an eye out for any additional charges and fees.


There are so many options for DIY for a wedding. Even if you aren’t the crafty type, find a family member or a friend who ready to help. Here is a list of the easiest wedding décor to DIY and how you can achieve a stylish and affordable outcome:

  • Table numbers– Find some recycled wood, cut it down to size, and paint numbers on them
  • Guest Book– While some couples prefer the traditional guest book, many couples have moved to more modern and creative ideas. An old pair of skis makes for a unique twist on a classic tradition.
  • Photo booth– Create a pipe and drape setup with PVC piping and colored linen of your choice. Next, go spend $20 at the dollar store for props! Lastly, put out a selfie stick or tripod with a digital camera on it preset to “timer mode.” You can also purchase a photo printer for instant printouts!
    • Flower arrangements- If a florist isn’t in the budget, don’t fret. Purchase discount vases online, then head to your nearest grocery store and buy flowers in bulk. Next, bust out a few bottles of wine with some friends and arrange the flowers yourself. Every arrangement will be slightly different, and lots of money will be saved. 
      Wedding flowers
      Gorgeous Floral Theme

No Need for a DJ-

Look for venues (such as Warren Station) that include their sound system and mic in their site fee. If included, the venue will allow you to hook up an MP3 player and set up the mic before you arrive. All that’s left is to make a playlist and put someone in charge of being the MC. Choose a friend/family member with a public speaking background!

Do Your Own Soft Drinks

Make sure your venue allows you to bring in soft drinks. Buy some affordable carafes online, and do your own lemonade, ice-tea, and water. This will almost always be more affordable than having the caterer or venue provide the same service.

Wedding bar offerings
Celebrations at Warren Station Bar!

Host Beer and Wine-

Work with a venue that will allow you to host beer and wine only, with liquor for cash. This allows your guests to drink for free without allowing them to take advantage of free shots and mixed drinks. Liquor drinks always add up quickly.


Do a few things great-

Focus on executing a few ideas brilliantly rather than many ideas halfheartedly. Don’t spread yourself to thin!

Mountain Wedding Venue
Aerial view of Warren Station in River Run
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