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We can finally kiss 2021 goodbye and that was one for the books – the history books that is. As we shift our focus to new horizons ahead, we can’t help but think about what this year’s wedding trends will look like! Grab yourself a beverage because we’re going to highlight the top 2022 wedding trends, and mention a few trends that are recurring this year.

Recurring 2022 Wedding Trends

2022 wedding trend of outdoor reception for a wedding group with light blue draping table runnersSmaller Guest Lists

Thanks to Covid sticking around for another year, we can expect to see this wedding trend again. While this trend emerged in 2020 out of necessity, smaller guest lists allow couples to have a more intimate day with close friends and family. Let’s be real – weddings are expensive. In relation to decreasing your guest list, it creates more room to extend your dollars to other parts of your budget that you may not have had room for with a big guest list!


Couple holding their ceremony at Quaking Aspen Amphitheater

Destination Weddings

In relation to a modest guest list, destination weddings are another wedding trend to continue in 2022! A smaller attendance also means it’s easier to celebrate at a spot that is special to you and your spouse-to-be. If you can’t think of anywhere, let us give you a suggestion. The stunning scenery of Quaking Aspen Amphitheater and Warren Station, located in Keystone, Colorado, for instance, is an amazing place to have your destination wedding. Located in River Run Village, our venue is steps away from restaurants, nightlife, activities, and breathtaking mountain views that everyone will enjoy.

Lush greenery with tall gold and glass candle holders is a 2022 wedding trend

Gold Tones & Greenery

Throughout this past year, we saw a lot of gold tones and greenery come into play for a multitude of weddings. We predict that gold and green are here to stay in these recurring wedding trends for 2022! Gold gives a vintage touch to even the simplest of designs. Gold candle holders, gold flatware, napkin rings, and chargers are just a few ways to incorporate elegant pieces into your decor. Greenery is an organic element that gives a romantic and rustic feel. You can usually find it in abundance at your local wholesale flower shop! Combining different kinds of eucalyptus will bring color and elevation to your flower bundles.


New 2022 Wedding Trends

2022 wedding trend has guest name cards sit on a mossy bed atop a wooden table with lanterns and pink floral bouquets

Garden Fairytale Vibes

Once upon a time… you know the rest. Fairytale and garden wedding themes are trending for spring in 2022, and we can’t wait! Bridgerton has also made its mark in the wedding industry. The popular British television show displays elegant hues of light pinks and soft blues. We’re seeing tons of inspiration related to the Netflix drama in the forms of bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, and even moss for tablescapes. Garden and fairytale themes are the perfect way to transform your wedding into a magical place.


2022 trend of assorted small bite confections

New Food Trends

In 2022, we will see more and more couples ditching the formal catering food options, and opting for more of their favorite dishes! We saw this trend get its footing during the wedding season in 2021 when couples needed an easy solution to save some money due to the pandemic. Some of the more popular choices were comfort foods, individual appetizers, and food trucks. If you opt for a food truck, just make sure they will be able to accommodate your guest count, or, have a food truck for your cocktail hour! We will also see a shift from traditional cake serving, as couples will move towards smaller and personalized desserts. Trending in 2022, personal cakes for the happy couple and other desserts for guests will be a popular choice. For example, mini bundt cakes, macarons, pies, or a mixture of sweet confections.


One thing we have learned from the past couple of years is that situations are constantly changing. We encourage couples who are planning their wedding during the pandemic to keep an open mind and be flexible. We hope these trending ideas will inspire you to incorporate your favorite upcoming trend into your own wedding day!


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