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Grand exits are a fun and sentimental way for your guests to give you and your new partner a great marriage sendoff.

If you are planning a destination wedding in the mountains, you may be aware of fire bans that could exist around certain times of the year in drier climates. We get tons of requests for sparkler sendoffs because they are so popular. However, there are lots of options to create memorable and unique grand exit sendoffs that are fire-ban friendly!


Unique Grand Exit Sendoffs - Married Couple Kissing surrounded by bubbles


Bubbles are not boring! In fact, they are a great way to incorporate a fun grand exit sendoff! Better yet, they require zero cleanup. You can get creative with bubbles with these mini champagne bottle bubble wands or go big and get some hand-held bubble guns that light up in the dark for your guests!



GLOW WANDS & STREAMERSUnique Grand exit sendoffs- Married couple kissing under an archway of rainbow colored foam wands

Another alternative to sparklers are glow wands! These glow wands will make your guests feel like kids again, and they can also be used at the reception on the dancefloor. Ribbon streamers are also a great whimsical option for grand sendoffs. You can purchase streamers that match your wedding colors or go classic with white or ivory and lace. Like bubbles, these items require zero cleanup. Ribbon streamers and glow wands also make for beautiful photos!


Grand exit sendoffs- Couple smiling at eachother as wedding party throws flower petalsGREENERY & FLORALS

Being an event venue in the mountains, we love to encourage the use of natural elements in your ceremony and grand exit sendoffs. Not only will using real greenery and florals like eucalyptus, fresh lavender, and rose petals create an amazing smell, but they will also create an elegant and unique sendoff. You can talk to your florist about supplying these elements to use later in the night or stop by a wholesale flower shop to see what they have in stock. Just like the other items mentioned, fresh greenery and florals also require zero cleanup!


HANDKERCHIEFSGrand Exit sendoffs- Bridal party waving handkerchiefs

Grand exits symbolize that the party will soon be coming to an end, and typically your guests will reserve tons of energy to give the happy couple one last “congratulations”! Handkerchiefs are a great alternative to sparklers for a few reasons. First, you can personalize the handkerchiefs to include your names and wedding date. Second, the handkerchiefs can double as a gift for guests to take with them as a memory of your wedding day. Lastly, guests will love the idea of excitedly waving their handkerchiefs to bid you bon voyage.


Wedding sendoffs are the last time your guests get to see you and your partner for the night. While sparklers are a popular item, opt for something more environmentally friendly that is still memorable and fun! Warren Station can provide tons of great ideas for wedding grand exit or grand entrance alternatives! If you would like to know more about holding your wedding at Warren Station, please contact us at warrenstation.com!

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