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Wedding Coordinator vs Venue Coordinator: What are each persons role on your big day?

Venue Coordinator-

Congratulations on getting engaged! What comes next is easy- find a venue, and with that, meet your Venue Coordinator. Brides Hair Details The Venue Coordinator is your first contact at most locations when reaching out for tours. The coordinator sends out marketing materials and contract options. They share venue availability and scheduling. If all goes well, they book your dream wedding date at their venue!

The Venue Coordinator typically offers a venue tour where they will walk through the space with you. Their job is to paint a picture of how to dress up the venue for your big day. They will also talk about what is included in booking with that particular location, as well as any additional perks or services that may be available.

Warren Station Venue on Blue Skied Day

The coordinator informs you what the bar package choices consist of, as well as what option will work best for you. They are a great point person for finding vendors, as well as finding out about local to-dos for your guests. A Venue Coordinator is also a great resource for any questions pertaining to the venue regulations, such as sound ordinances, outside alcohol policies, and where to load-in catering and decor.

Still, hunting for that special venue? We recommend using our favorite sites: The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Here Comes the Guide to narrow down your options.

A lot of times the coordinator handles your bar contract as well as the venue contract. They may also point you in the direction of preferred vendors that are familiar with their venue for the ease of executing your wedding. Because a Venue Coordinator is helpful throughout planning a wedding day, their job title can be easily mistaken for being a Wedding Coordinator.


Wedding Coordinator-

As you dive into the planning stages of your wedding, it is fun until it becomes stressful. This is where a Wedding Coordinator comes in handy to take care of necessary tasks leading up to your perfect day.

At the beginning of the planning stages, helping couples select their vendors is an important task. Caterers, DJs, florists, and photographers are important components of a wedding, but choosing them may be overwhelming. A Wedding Coordinator will have reliable contacts for all types of vendors that they are familiar with working and confident in recommending. Your Wedding Dessert Table with Pies and Decoration set by Wedding Coordinator Coordinator can act as a liaison between you and your choice merchants. They can assist in the hiring as well as the communication points leading up to your big day, concluding in payment at the end of your wedding. You can rest assured that all vendors will show up on time with a Wedding Coordinator’s help.

A Coordinator can also assist during the rehearsal as well as the day of the wedding. It is an important duty to think of, but one that is easy to forget about. Cueing the procession isn’t something you want to worry about in your white dress. A Wedding Coordinator will walk though the procession over your rehearsal, and assist in cueing your wedding party on the day of the wedding. In turn, bringing peace of mind on the biggest day of your life. Timing is everything, which brings us to

Date Night Suggestions- Details by Coordinator

our next benefit.

A priority for all Wedding Coordinators is keeping to a tight timeline. Throughout your day, you’ll have pictures to take, champagne to drink and, you must have time to get ready. A Wedding Coordinator will make sure you adhere to time-sensitive events, and still have a great time. They will also serve as a point-person for the Venue Coordinator, caterer and anyone else who has questions.

The Skinny-

As useful as your Venue Coordinator can be, setting a budget aside for a Wedding Coordinator could very well save your sanity, time, and energy leading up to and throughout your big day. If you need help picking a suitable Wedding Coordinator click here for a few of our favorite Summit County Coordinators.

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